Nikon Electrics can help set up your network to include wired and wireless connectivity. We’ll work with you to design a solution that will remove the tangled spaghetti of LAN cables to more discreet points and put the infrastructure in place that will enable you to take maximum advantage of the higher data speed for your Smart TV, game consoles and computing network. A wired system will increase data security, reduce interference from appliances such as blenders and vacuum cleaners and other wireless problems, like drop outs from being too far from the router.

The best way around these interferences is by installing data cabling. So make the most of the National Broadband Network, and take advantage of lightning fast high speed internet. It’s a sure way to add value to your property.

Nikon Electrics can install a quality Ethernet cable connection to improve your space and lifestyle. We are friendly, punctual, tidy, price competitive and won’t let you down.

Nikon Electrics can ensure your lounge room is wired and designed properly and to the standards, with modern TV and power points that can reduce the tangles of daisy-chained plug boards and adaptors, while protecting your electronic pride and joy from power surges.

Nikon Electrics can help you to keep your lines of communications hidden by installing discreet wiring for your telephone, land lines, internet and network cables.

From audio only to full colour video that can unlock multiple doors with the push of a button we can install an intercom system to suit size and budget. Secure and stylish, an intercom announces you’ve truly arrived to every visitor.

We’ve never been more security conscious, and when your family and livelihood is at stake, security is just not worth ignoring.

If you want to be assured your house is protected from burglary, Nikon Electrics can install a security system to suit your needs. From security lighting and motion sensors and basic cameras to systems you can view from your smart phone through full internet integration, Nikon Electrics can provide any solution for your home or business.

We can even connect you to a monitoring station so you can rest assured that if your alarm goes off whilst your away, your property will be attended to!

Our services include:

  • Data cabling and data points
  • TV point Installation, free to air and pay TV
  • Digital Antenna Installation
  • Set top box Installations
  • Satellite Installations
  • Voice and Telephony Intercoms
  • Security Alarm System Installations
  • Camera Surveillance Installations (CCTV)

Nikon Electrics Communications Sydney Australia
Nikon Electrics Communications Sydney Australia